Launching NEW Master Mind 2.0

We are excited to announce the launch of the new M4W MASTER MIND 2.0. This Master Mind Group will include individuals who desire to learn, grow and engage with like-minded, goal-oriented people, while building their business and accomplishing their goals.

The new Master Mind 2.0 format consists of a multimedia platform of educational training options, designed to work with anyone at any level. Each participant must have access to a computer and an Internet connection to be successful in the group.

The price for the new Master Mind group is all inclusive for every member for a low monthly price of only $10.

The Registration is open for a limited time.

Sign Up for Master Mind 2.0-$10

What to Expect in Master Mind 2.0

Master Mind 2.0 officallly begins on June 1, 2016 but all perticpants will begin an orientation program immediately upon acceptance into the group. Below are the highlights of what you will be learning in the protaj,

A Word From The Founders

We are taking the teaching and learning experience to a new level using a mulititude of media platforms; live conferencing, videos, emails, social media and in person meeings. These are all designed to provide the most effective environment for engaging with the group and others' experiences.

Register Now-$10/Month